"Lose the Leash-Tame the Beast"

We Are The
Three Percent!

There are two types of people in this world when it comes to health:

1). the 97% who are looking for shortcuts, magic pills & surgeries, and fad diets.

Ninety-seven percent of the population are chasing symptoms and have "stinking thinking".  They don't understand there is an effect because of a cause.  They are looking for shortcuts and band-aids.  They are not looking for lifestyle changes.  They are victims of their circumstances.

2).Three percent of the population understand cause and effect. 

The 3% don't chase symptoms, but look at the cause.  The 3% don't settle for a diagnosis.  The 3% do their homework and look for ways to change their circumstances and heal themselves. 

The 3% are world changers!

If you are committed to make a lifestyle change in order to get healthy, congratulations!

You are part of the Three Percent!

Primal Wisdom

Three Percent

We are committed to do our homework, learn the facts and do what it takes to reprogram our genes for optimal health!

  • Weight Loss:  does not have to involve suffering, sacrifice and deprivation, but instead, is a matter of eating the right foods and avoiding the wrong foods.  It is about exercising strategically for far fewer hours than you might assume.
  • Cholesterol levels and saturated fat intake are not the major risk factors for heart disease that we have been led to believe: Instead, a comparatively high-fat diet promotes health, longevity and reduction of excess body fat.
  • You can reprogram your genes through your behavior for optimal gene expression:  Optimal gene expression yields effortless weight loss, vibrant health, and boundless energy!

Conventional Wisdom

Ninety-seven Percent

97% of conventional wisdom is flawed information that confuses, misleads, manipulates, and complicates even the most devoted efforts to do the right things:  eat healthfully, exercise effectively, control weight, and avoid common health conditions like digestive issues, arthritis, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

  • In order to lose weight:  You must eat less and exercise more.
  • To avoid heart disease you must:   Avoid saturated fats such as in red meat, and watch your cholesterol levels.
  • Our genes, for better or worse, determine our destiny:  We have little to say in the matter...unless prescription drugs come to the rescue.

We're Fighting
Conventional Wisdom

That Just
Does Not work

Back in the 80's, the American Heart Association convinced us that saturated fats were the leading cause of heart disease.

They told us to stop eating red meat, butter, and other fats.  We were told to eat chicken breast with the skin removed.  America listened.

We drastically reduced our consumption of red meats and replaced butter with margarine.  The food industry "came to our rescue" by supplying us with fat free foods.  In order to do this, they began adding lots of sugar to food items to make them palatable, minus the fat.  They took saturated fat out of food and replaced it with highly processed poly-unsaturated fats (vegetable/seed oils).

Has heart disease gotten better?  That would be a huge unequivocal NO!!

In fact, heart disease is now five times worse!  Common sense would tell us that the AHA must have made a mistake.  Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result.

Saturated fats are not the problem.  EXCESS SUGAR AND REFINED CARBOHYDRATES ARE!   Fifty years later, 88% of us are suffering with at least one or more metabolic diseases including: heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity and cancer.


our platform:


"Lose the Leash-Tame the Beast!"

 We don't chase after symptoms:  always looking for shortcuts and bandaids.

We don't settle for diagnoses: but rather look for root causes and strive to change them.

We eat plants and animals:  the proper human diet that humans are meant to eat.

We avoid poisonous things:  particularly sugar, grains, and highly processed seed (vegetable) oils.

We move frequently:  avoid  a sedentary lifestyle.

We lift heavy things:  conduct brief intense strength sessions using weights, resistance tools or bodyweight.

Sprint once in a while:  deliver occasional all-out efforts.

Get plenty of sleep:  prioritize getting lots of good sleep, ideally aligned with the sun's cycle.

Play:  Adults need play, too, to stimulate mental and physical flexibility and make life fun.

Get plenty of sunlight:  expose skin to sunlight to optimize vitamin D production.

Avoid stupid mistakes:  don't fall prey to modern dangers.

Use your brain:  challenge your human brain to stay sharp and passionate about life.


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