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Our proven system is not just about shedding pounds; it's about gaining control over your relationship with food and achieving lasting results.


Don't Let Fear And Frustration Hold You Back Any Longer!

  • Nutritous Whole Foods: Eat natural, everyday foods that are delicious.
  • No Supplements, or Weird Foods: Just enjoy natural, whole foods that God has provided.
  • Easy Meal Planning:  If you don't like to cook, or don't have time to cook, get tips on meal planning, shopping and prepping THAT WORK FOR YOU!
  • ​Mouthwatering Recipes That Are Easy To Prepare:  If you love to cook and are a pro in the kitchen, you will enjoy creating meals that even your family will love, and will keep you on track to effortless weight loss, vibrant health and boundless energy.
  • Easy Workaround For Non-supportive Family Members:  If you have a spouse, or family member who is not on your journey, or is not supporting you, we can help you navigate that.

Are you ready to make a change?  It's time to take control of your health and transform your life.  

Join me on this 21-Day Challenge, and let's work together to unlock your full potential!

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My wife & I's "before" pictures

Our "after" pictures

The Day My Whole World Changed...

Hi,  I'm Coach Neil,

My doctor said I was very close to being pre-diabetic.  My triglycerides were high and my HDL (good cholesterol) was low.  He said I needed to diet and excercise.

What?  Diet & excercise!  I had been trying to lose weight for several years.  I had tried just about every diet out there, with not much success.  (Conventional diets don't work!)

It all started back in April, 2021.  At that time, I was weighing the most I had ever weighed in my entire life, which was 270 pounds!

I was always tired, and full of aches & pains.  In fact, I was taking 600 - 800 mg of ibuprofen two to three times a day on an almost daily basis for joint pain.

I felt like I had hit a brick wall!

When I Addressed My Inflammatory Issues, I Finally Got My Health Back!

I redesigned my relationship with food, stripped it of its power over me.  I changed my beliefs about food and its relationship to health, and today I help others across the globe do the same!

My eyes were opened to so many things concerning my health.  I learned that sugar, grains and seed (vegetable) oils were very inflammatory.

I began to cut these things out of my diet immediately, and in a matter of weeks, I noticed that I no longer needed to take ibuprofen for pain.  I was completely pain free!

I began to lose weight rather quickly, and had energy through the roof.

Within 10 months, I had lost a total of 100 pounds!

Join This Challenge & I will teach you this Primal Way of Living!

Say Goodbye to Yo-yo Diets and Exhausting Workout Routines!

Join This 21-Day Challenge Today!

Does This Sound Like You?

  • You hate dieting, because you're always "hangry"... You have tried about every "diet" out there, and you are tired of counting calories and always feeling hungry.
  • You ​dread seeing your reflection in the mirror... or you don't like seeing yourself in family pictures because those pounds seem to keep creeping up.
  • ​You feel like a failure when it comes to food:  you can't seem to control yourself and are always giving in to cravings.
  • You can't keep up with family activities because you have no energy... Managing blood sugar levels can be exhausting, leading to frequent energy crashes and persistent fatigue.
  • You are frustrated despite your best matter how much willpower you muster up, you find yourself self-sabotaging your efforts over and over again.

If you said "yes" to any of the above, you are in the right place!

So Here's What You'll Get When You Join:

  • Downloadable Free App:  It's like having a personal coach in your back pocket!    As a challenge participant,  your "My Coach" app will be your companion throughout the 21-day journey, providing you with daily lessons, activities, and guidance at your fingertips. 
  • Reprogramming Your Genes:   We'll help you understand the role that genetics play in your overall health.  Through science-backed strategies and practical insights, you'll learn how to harness the power of your genes for lasting results.
  • Comprehensive Daily Plan:   Each day, the app will unveil a carefully crafted plan that covers nutrition, excercise, stress management, sleep, and mindset.  You'll receive step-by-step guidance on what to eat, how to move, and how to cultivate a positive mindset to maximize your transformational journey.
  • Supportive Community:  I believe in the power of a strong support system.  That's why you'll join a vibrant community of like-minded individuals on the same path as you.  Within our private platform, you can share your experiences, ask questions, and receive support from fellow challengers, as well as from me.
  • Check-ins and Progress Tracking:  Your success matters to me, which is why I'll be right by your side every step of the way.
  • Weekly Zoom Meetings:  Each week you will get on a zoom call where I will provide guidance and encouragement for the coming week.
  • ​Resouces:  In the app, you will have access to recipes to begin your journey with, work book for guidance, and various PDF's covering different aspects of Primal Living.

Heres' What We'll Cover:

Week One:  Learn the Three Pillars To Optimal Health - Yielding Effortless Weight Loss, Vibrant Health & Boundless Energy

  • Proper Human Diet:  Ancestrally appropriate, un-inflammatory, nutrient dense.
  • Intermittent Fasting:  Turbo-charge metabolism, improve insulin sensitivity, promote longevity through autophagy 
  • Fitness:  Movement, sleep, stress management

We will also do a refrigerator/pantry purge; restock with proper foods, and begin Primal Living and change your relationship to food.

Week Two:  Continue Implementing the Three Pillars To Optimal Health

  • Changing From A Sugar Burner To A Fat Burner we will reprogram our genes to use fat as a primary fuel which will lead to effortless weight loss.
  • Learn Primary Essential Movements (PEM):You will learn that excessive excercise actually hampers weight loss.

Week Three:  Well On Our Way To Living Primally 

  • Begin to Lose Fat: by this point you should have dropped a few pounds!
  • Increased Energy Levels:   You will begin to notice that you have more energy.
  • Ready To Continue Primal Living: At this point, you will be well into your journey of transformation, and will be ready to "LOSE THE LEASH - TAME THE BEAST!

Ready To Lose The Leash - Tame The Beast?

We're Going To Do This Together!

You Simply Follow The Steps & Track Your Progress

And Lose Up to 10 Pounds In 21 Days!

Simple, Right?


One Time Fee

  • Downloadable Free App
  • Comprehensive Daily Plan
  • Supportive Community
  • Check-Ins and Progress Tracking
  • Resources including recipes
  • Weekly Zoom Calls

With My Money Back Guarantee

You have nothing to lose!

I'm a big believer in over-delivering in every interaction we have together, starting right now!

If you're not 100% satisfied with the program, the strategies, or the support by the end of the challenge, and you fully participated, and implemented everything you learned during the challenge, I will offer you a full refund.

...and we'll still part as friends!  Fair enough?


What others are saying about us

"Hi, I'm Misty.

I had really bad acid reflux and GERD and was taking up to 6 Pepcids a day and was scheduled for surgery.  I was on two blood pressure meds.  
After 7 weeks into this new lifestyle, I no longer had acid reflux or GERD, and cancelled my surgery.

I am down 4 pants sizes and I feel great - full of energy, I sleep well now and don't have brain fog.

I used to hate vegetables and now I have a taste for all kinds of vegetables.  I now crave vegetables instead of chips.

I have lost 45 pounds so far and this new lifestyle has helped me in so many ways.

I am so thankful."

"Hi, My name is Vickie.

I am a diabetic who has been struggling for years with fatigue and weight gain.

I started working with Neil back in October, 2022.
Since working with Neil, I have reduced my A1c from 9.8 down to 6.1! 

I have also lost a total fo 40 pounds in five months and I feel great. 

I have so much more energy, no more heartburn, and no more swelling in my knees.

And since my cholesterol has improved, my doctor took me off of my statin drug.  Woohoo!

Thank you Neil!"